Welcome to Mushonga Logistics what we do...

The type of work that we have skill sets for can generally be described as Medical Logistics Supply chain management but more specifically we would be interested in the following:

  • Computerized logistics management information system (LMIS) and stock accounting system assessment and review, development and implementation support:
    • business analysis of warehouse operations
    • drafting of use cases or user requirements
    • monitoring development
    • incorporating good logistics practice in systems design
    • prototype review
    • system testing
    • development of training material
    • implementation
    • software review
  • Product codification and classification
  • Monitoring and evaluation systems
  • Project management for system development
  • Integration of warehouse operations with warehouse stock management software or vice versa
  • Data-cleanup for systems migration
  • Implementation of warehouse stock management software
  • Extraction of management information and reporting needs
  • Warehouse assessments
  • Warehouse optimisation
  • In situ training of warehouse personnel
  • Drafting of Procurement manuals
  • Logistics training
  • Standard operating procedures development

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